Heating: our house is made of stone and in summer it holds steady temperature on the level of 19-23◦ C. In case you are cold or in winter, you can choose to light a fire in the oven. Some wood is in the basket. You can buy more wooden briquettes in ESA (next to Billa supermarket in Lety). All rooms are equipped with the electric floor heating which is already set up according to the season; if you feel cold, you can use the additional electric heaters around the house but please only if you are in the respective rooms – avoid running the electric heaters unattended. We also have a solar ventilator installed – should you find the sound disturbing, you are welcome to turn it off (the control panel on the right side of the glass door in the living room).

Water: we are connected to the public water system; the water is clean and good for drinking.

Hot water: we have a 120 l electric boiler in the basement.

Waste water: we have installed a bio waste-water cleaning unit. The waste water is clean enough to use for watering the garden. Please DO NOT USE washing or cleaning products containing chlorine and DO NOT DISPOSE any oil or any hygienic products in the sink or toilette.

Domestic waste: you can deposit your waste in the black plastic bin near the gate; if you are up to sorting, then you can deposit the glass, the plastic and the paper in the respective bins on the square. The ash from the stove should be deposited in the steel bin under the outdoor staircase.

WIFI: unlimited and free access to internet. The password is Bert0797E.


TV/DVD: the satellite TV is installed and you find some DVDs on the shelf.

Electricity: as mentioned above, we use electricity for heating, hot water boiler and of course other appliances in the house.  Should you use all 120 l hot water at once, it may take some hours to warm it up again. The electricity consumption is charged separately based on your consumption and our experience is that the price is usually approx. 20 – 40 EUR/week, depending on the season of the year.