The nearest supermarkets (Billa, Lidl) are in the village called Lety, approx. 3 km away. They are open during the weekends too, from 9,00  to 19,00. Billa is open until 21,00 hrs.


The closest place for good lunch or dinner with mainly Czech cuisine is in the village Rovina (2 km). More restaurants are in Hlasna Treban (2 km from Rovina). In Lety, there is a good restaurant/brewery called MMX. In Morinka, there is one pub but its opening hours depend on the weather and mood :o) of the owners. Despite that, they have very good draft beer!


In places like ours (small villages, pubs, groceries, sights -entrance fees), you should have cash. The supermarkets, bigger restaurants, shops and all the gas stations accept the cards. The ATMs are in Dobrichovice (the gas station Bouda) or on the square next to the Post Office – “Posta”. The prices for food and dining in the local restaurants are not high. Foodstuffs for 1-2 days for 2 people will cost you around 1000 CZK and the average price for a main course in the restaurants nearby is around 150-200 CZK.

Map of bancomat near morinka


On Morinka square, there is a bus stop. The bus 311 takes you to Prague, metro station Zlicin (from Zlicin 20 min. to Prague centre), or the opposite direction to Revnice, a small city 5 km far (the schedule enclosed, the tickets available at the bus driver for 46 CZK/person/2,5 hrs. validity also in Prague or Morinka-Revnice 12 CZK). From Revnice is easy to take a train to Prague (25 min.).

To go to Prague, you can also take your car to Dobrichovice train station, 6 km, leave the car at the parking lot and take the train which goes to Prague every half an hour. The ticket can be purchased at the train station and costs approx. 30 CZK per person (one way). In Prague, you have to buy a ticket for public transportation – 24 CZK for 30 min. or 32 CZK for 1,5 hrs.).


Morinka is a safe place, however, use the common sense – lock the door and the gates for the night and of course when you are gone. We normally leave the windows to the yard open (only the ventilation position).


Both neighbours are elderly people living with their adult children (no small kids). They are very nice but do not speak foreign language. Please call us if necessary.

January 2017